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    Donald Trump Dies After Losing Media Attention

    By: Alex Schwartz New York, NY— Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reportedly slipped into a coma and is close to the brink of death following several weeks of low media coverage of his campaign. His daughter Ivanka found him Wednesday night, unconscious in the bathtub of his New York City penthouse and covered in […]

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    Malia Obama Caught Breathing in Public

    By: Jersey Fonseca Recently, Malia Obama was seen in a video lifting her skirt and shaking her butt at a music festival in Chicago. At that same festival, there was also a video of her smoking a marijuana. Well, it seems as though her reign of terror is not over. Sources have reported that Malia […]

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    Ted Cruz to Become New Host of MTV’s “PUNK’D” Following RNC Prank

    BY: Debbie-Marie Brown Following his controversial speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC), former presidential candidate Ted Cruz has announced that he will be taking over as the new host of MTV’s “PUNK’D”. Amongst an exhibition of old school, pat-on-the-back, “you said it, but you thought it” racism and factual oblivion in the RNC, Cruz […]

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    Hillary Announces Plans to Bring Harambe Back to Life

    By: Jersey Fonseca The Democratic National Convention has been extremely exciting tonight. Hillary Clinton has spoken and given her detailed plans on what she would like to do to help our country. Given the event that Hillary would become president, she stated that she would bring Harambe back to life and have him star in […]