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    SPOTTED: Jaden Smith Wearing Viking Cosplay at VMAs

    By: Jersey Fonseca   Jaden Smith has been seen in the past making big changes to the fashion world. Just a few months ago, he was seen in a dress and broke the internet. Smith broke the heteronormative stereotype of clothing and gender roles. He made it clear that men can wear women’s clothing if […]

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    Smash Mouth to Replace Beyoncé at 2016 VMAs

    After an overwhelming response on an internet poll by MTV, Smash Mouth will be replacing Beyoncé as the night’s most notable performance. In an exclusive interview with the Yew Nork Times, the lead singer of Smash Mouth, Steve Harwell said:   “I’m sorry Beyoncé, but we had one of the best videos of all time. We’re […]

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    Michael Bay To Direct Harambe Movie

    By: Brendan O’Keefe HOLLYWOOD, CA – Following the tragic shooting death of the Western lowland gorilla, Harambe, and the subsequent outpouring of worldwide support, Hollywood believes it must do its part to memorialize “our mans.” Michael Bay, the legendary producer and director known for films such as the Transformers series and Battleship, believes his production team is perfect for […]

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    BREAKING: Paul Walker Still Not Alive

    By: SadieIsOnFire The coroners office confirmed Monday that Hollywood ‘Fast and Furious’ star Paul Walker is still dead. The actor died in a horrific case of speed and anger on November 13th of 2013 in Valencia, California. Numerous investigations of both the cause of the crash and whether Walker is still deceased have been ongoing […]

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    Beloved College Quarterback Pleads Not Guilty To Multiple Accounts Of Marijuana Possession; “I Do Way Cooler Drugs Now”

    This past Friday, Townsville University’s star quarterback Brad McKinney was arraigned in court on seventeen counts of Marijuana possession. Despite the advice of his daddy’s legal team, he pleaded not guilty, saying “there’s no way the weed they found in my house was mine. Am I in fucking high school? I do way cooler drugs […]