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    Apple Includes Fidget Spinner in Reveal of 56 New Emojis

    On July 17th, Apple unveiled 56 new emojis that are going to come to apple devices. Many were very interested to find a new yoga emoji for hippies, barfing emoji for drunks, and a Zelda emoji for nerds. However, the emoji that everyone can now rejoice in is the fidget spinner emoji. Now, people everywhere […]

  • Trump-vs-CNN


    CNN Hires Assassin on Guy that made Trump Meme

    CNN reports that they have hired an assassin to kill the person that made the Trump meme.   “This has just gone way too far,” said officials from CNN. “We never resort to measures like these, but this person has just gone WAY too far. CNN takes memes very seriously, and will not tolerate this […]

  • young-doctor-near-window-looking-sad


    Doctors Find Cause to the Common Cold: “it be that way sometimes :/”

    By: Jersey Fonseca   For years, doctors have been wondering what exactly causes the common cold and how to develop immunity to it. Every year, millions of people get the common cold and annoy everyone around them with constant coughing and never having enough tissues. Millions of other people pretend to have the common cold […]

  • Dictionary.com_

    ,’s Runner-Up Word of the Year: Rimjob

    By: Julia Tesmond             Every year, announces the word of the year based on the central themes and frequent searches that best reflect the past 365 days. Earlier this week, announced that the word for 2016 was “xenophobia” to comment on the rise of fear during the year. The company mentioned the rise […]

  • dora-the-explorer


    Dora The Explorer Indicted On 4 Counts of Possession With Intent To Sell

    By: Brendan O’Keefe   Former child star Dora found with psychedelic mushrooms, DMT, 7 ounces of marijuana and $42,069.17* cash.   A year-long DEA investigation culminated with a raid on an apartment occupied by Dora in a Texas border town as agents led a 23-person task force comprised of representatives of the FBI, ICE, and […]