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  • The Venmo mobile-payment app connects users to bank and credit-card accounts, and then links them up with friends to send and receive money on-the-go.


    Venmo Adds Category for Drug Dealers

    Venmo has quickly become one of the most used applications for transferring money. Less and less people are interested in using and carrying around cash when they can use their phones instead. Just about every drug dealer has began using Venmo as well, as you can never tell what the money is being transferred for. […]

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    EXPOSED: Girlfriend Caught Cheating on Snapchat with THIS Man

    By: Julia Tesmond Local boyfriend Chad Stevenson was found heartbroken in his home Friday evening. When questioned by his mother, Chad said his #teamfaithful girlfriend had blown him off for another man, and that she had cheated on him. Snapchat evidence indicates that at 7:45PM on Friday evening, local girlfriend Stella had a man in […]