Fish on Tinder Is Mistaken for Guy Holding Him


New York, NY – Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps of our time. There are millions of users constantly looking for love, or sex, or some weird mix of the two. The user interface is very simple to use. You upload pictures of yourself along with a bio, and then decide whether or not you like others who have done the same. However, despite the simplicity it has not gone very well for Gary the fish. Gary’s bio is “there are many fish in the sea, but there’s only one me.”
“Whenever I match with someone, I get really excited,” Gary said. “But they never know that I’m the fish. Instead they think I am the douchey white kid in the middle of growing out his hair. It’s sad, but how else am I supposed to pose for pictures?”
Gary has received many matches… Some of which call him a douchebag for “holding a fish in his tinder photo.” It hasn’t been all bad, though… Angelica, a local tinder user, swiped right on Gary well aware that he is a fish. They have a date at the pier soon. Angelica is going to be wearing scuba equipment so that Gary can show her around. Let’s hope it goes well.

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