Trump: “Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Invented by the Left to Force Belief in Climate Change”


Chicago, IL – This summer has been rough. Hurricane Harvey hit Texas just a few weeks ago and caused catastrophic damage. Sources report that the hurricane had a diameter of 280 miles with over 135 mile per hour winds. Now, hurricane Irma is on its way to South Florida and may be even more dangerous. With so many storms information happening, one has to wonder how Donald Trump and many others still deny climate change. The Yew Nork Times had an exclusive interview to find out.
“Look, I love hurricanes. Nobody loves hurricanes more than I do,” Trump told us. “But these two hurricanes are in no way proof of climate change. The democrats and Obamas obviously invented these hurricanes to try and make us believe in climate change. Well, I’ll tell you what, it ain’t gonna happen!”
Many other climate-change deniers have come to the same conclusion.

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