Move Over Michael Phelps: Sharks to Race for US Olympic Team


By: Julia Tesmond

In honor of Shark Week, US Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps challenged a great white shark to a race. While multiple people warned Michael that Sharks can swim, like, pretty fast, Michael insisted on racing the animal. The deal was set: If Michael Phelps won, the week would now be called “Michael Phelps Week”.

However, in a tragic defeat literally everyone saw coming, Michael Phelps was bested by the shark by 2 seconds. While the shark definitely could’ve swam faster, reports indicate that he was saving his stamina for “the real race”. In the wake of Phelps’ heartbreaking defeat, US Olympic trainers have now decided to only allow sharks to race for the Olympic teams. Phelps has had all of his gold medals revoked, and trainers have already begun to scout waters across the country for the fastest sea creatures. The team’s goal is to have all sharks in the lap pool by the time Michael Phelps Sucks Week is finished.

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