These Men are Changing the Face of Dating By Making You Listen to Mac DeMarco Then Never Calling You Again


By: Julia Tesmond

Millennial’s are constantly changing the dating scene, but no group is changing the scene more than sad boys. Equipped with years of hidden baggage and a faux-feminist persona, sad boys are altering the dating scene by gaslighting and disappointing every woman they almost date. Rather than typical dates, these men will make you listen to Mac DeMarco and Sufjan Stevens outside of an abandoned parking garage, while speaking about their total apathy. He’ll show you his one painted nail under the moonlight, and mansplain any movie you both have seen. And then, after some grand romantic gesture way too soon, he’ll never speak to you again! You may catch a glimpse of him at a local show, but he’ll be busy chatting up and then ghosting another girl with tiny bangs.

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