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Lo-fi Artist “x 3 % v Z” Buys Gun for his Music


By: Jersey Fonseca
Lo-Fi artist “x 3 % v Z” has gone out and bought a gun for his brand new song. Sources state that gun purchases have been increasing because of new lo-fi artists.
“If you don’t have a gun cocking in your song, then is it even Lo-fi,” stated x 3 % v Z.
If you are unfamiliar with Lo-Fi music, x 3 % v Z has given the formula of what a genius Lo-fi song sounds like:
-Three piano keys on loop
-Irrelevant quote from a famous movie
-Gun cock
-Piano key
This format is genius and not many artists can recreate it. Only the biggest names such as “I only eat oxygen for a living,” and “3e3e3e3e3” have truly mastered this format. This new musical revolution has been extremely enjoyed by many sad boiz that probably watch a lot of anime.
“The piano keys just touch my soul,” said a local Lo-Fi fan.”When it’s late, and I’m watching anime, I get really sad because I know that my waifu Yuno Gasai will never come to life. Lo-fi is there for me when nobody else is, though. 3e3e3e3e3 changed my life when he played the same three piano keys for two minutes straight. Just incredible.”
This new musical revolution is soon to come, and should be observed before they blow up.

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