HORRIFIC: If Net Neutrality is Revoked, You Will Only Be Able to Watch Anime


By: Julia Tesmond

Today, hundreds of popular sites have spoken out against regulation of the Internet. Sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Pornhub have been advocates for keeping the Internet mostly unregulated. However, representatives have failed to note the most horrific part of losing net neutrality: only being able to stream anime. With Netflix no longer offering it’s services, Internet users will be forced to exclusively view anime, turning to kissanime.com for their entertainment needs. Want to enjoy a nice, wholesome episode of Big Bang Theory? Without net neutrality, your closest option is hentai called “Bang Theory”. Without net neutrality, everyone’s homepage MUST be an anime streaming service, hentai preferred.

Speak out against regulating the internet here, unless you’re an anime loving fuck.

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