EXPOSED: Girlfriend Caught Cheating on Snapchat with THIS Man


By: Julia Tesmond

Local boyfriend Chad Stevenson was found heartbroken in his home Friday evening. When questioned by his mother, Chad said his #teamfaithful girlfriend had blown him off for another man, and that she had cheated on him. Snapchat evidence indicates that at 7:45PM on Friday evening, local girlfriend Stella had a man in her home at an altitude of 7 feet. This hotdog-human hybrid was filmed dancing by the side of her bed, wearing nothing except a bun. Chad claims Ella cancelled their plans, saying “I have a fever of 105 and can’t hang out tonight”. Chad had this to say:
“I can’t believe she would ditch me over some little fever but invite that asshole to hang out. I thought we had something and were #teamloyal. If I ever find out where that prick hangs out he better watch his back.”
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