Apple Includes Fidget Spinner in Reveal of 56 New Emojis


On July 17th, Apple unveiled 56 new emojis that are going to come to apple devices. Many were very interested to find a new yoga emoji for hippies, barfing emoji for drunks, and a Zelda emoji for nerds. However, the emoji that everyone can now rejoice in is the fidget spinner emoji. Now, people everywhere can send a fidget spinner to very accurately portray how they so often feel.
“Now that I have a fidget spinner emoji, I can express myself,” said Ricky Molretz, local 6th grader. “I have tried to express myself through snapbacks, dabbing, and even a Pink Floyd shirt, but none of it seemed to work. Now, thanks to Apple, I am able to convey all that is me.”
Many are incredibly excited for this brand new development. Apple continues to impress and have taken another step to taking over the entire world.

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