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16-Year-Olds Sign up for 18+ Tinder, but Clarify Age in Bio


By: Jersey Fonseca
This just in, there are multiple teenagers that have signed up for Tinder accounts. These can be quite deceiving, as you may find yourself swiping right. Here are some examples of a few bios that they tend to put:
Jenny, 20
“Not actually 20.”
Josh, 19
“I’m only 16 but I can make your body rock like a man ;)”
Trina, 22
“Hi! I’m Trina. I’m only 15, but if you can look past that, we would get along just fine. I love coffee, books, and being alone and sad in my room. Not looking for hookups! Also, I am an expert in all things mac and cheese!!! LOL!!!!”
Accounts like these are basically begging to send people to jail. Legally Trina is too young to smoke, drive, drink alcohol or even have sex. But she will still create a Tinder and look for someone to hook up with. Watch out before you swipe.

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