Man “doesn’t support Pride” But Tries to Make Two Girls Kiss at Every Party He Attends


By: Julia Tesmond

Local Texan Zack McBrayer made a bold announcement this morning, tweeting: “I don’t care if you’re gay or whatever, just don’t shove it in my face. Pride parades are stupid. Where is straight pride?”

After this 20-year -old bravely stood his ground, five of his brothers at sigma hetero iota felt the courage to bump it a retweet.

When he’s not being homophobic on Twitter, reports say that Zack McBrayer spends his time “crushing it” at sigma hetero parties, where he always makes sure to ask two girls to make out. So far, sources claim McBrayer’s success rate has been 0, though McBrayer himself has said they hover around 69%. McBrayer says he will continue to ask girls to kiss each other, and that he still “doesn’t want people shoving their gay lifestyle in his face”

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