2018 XXL Freshman Class to Only Feature Soundcloud Rappers

167 Cover Freshman FINAL copy.indd

By: Julia Tesmond
Thousands of people waited with anticipation as the 2017 XXL Freshman Class was announced this week. Now, hundreds of memes depict the judges for the freshman class as three 15-year-old, shirtless white boys. In a press release earlier today, XXL executives responded to the controversy:

“First of all, what the fuck? We could’ve put Matty B Raps on this list, but we didn’t. So technically, you guys should be thanking us. Second, we have an exciting announcement for next year. After a small amount of deliberation, we’ve decided to only feature Soundcloud rappers in 2018. And not only that, they have to wear those big round glasses and have less than five tracks. They also have to illegally sample someone else’s song at least once. We really think this is the direction XXL should be going in, and hope for a great class of 2018.”

After the release of this statement, SoundCloud accounts belonging to 15-year-old white boys have climbed dramatically. The rest of the country waits in fear.

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