Men to Leave Steaming Piles of Garbage Out for International Men’s Day


By: Julia Tesmond

International Women’s Day is today, and women all over the world are missing work and wearing red to show their support and solidarity. Unlike International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day is only celebrated by those guys who argue against welfare in your economics class and own a vintage Reagan shirt. In honor of this upcoming holiday, these men have announced their protest against reverse sexism. Each man tired of having to make more money and catcalling women with no repercussions will take a stand by dumping steaming hot garbage into the streets.

“No longer will the streets be filled with only moderate steaming garbage” is the working slogan for the protest, and with International Men’s Day right around the corner, it looks like it’s going to stick. The Yew Nork Times will be conducting a livestream of the upcoming protests, and analyze how dumping hot garbage will differ from the advocacy and careful planning of International Women’s Day.

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