Elector Speaks Out: “What the fuck is an electoral college? What’s their acceptance rate?”

Steve voting electoral college

By: Julia Tesmond

Philadelphia, PA—As electors meet today to formally elect a President, tensions have boiled over in many parts of the country. Millions of Americans have pleaded with electors to cast protest votes against Donald Trump, urging the citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson or The Hamburglar instead. While many electors are considering following the #NeverTrump train, The YewNorkTimes spoke to one elector who had a different opinion:

“You guys, honestly, I don’t even know what the fuck the electoral college is. I thought I was being selected for jury duty, but now every four years people yell at me until I vote for someone. I usually just pick the name that sounds the coolest. At least it’s a prestigious institution, I think, I heard their acceptance rate is pretty low for this college. I guess I should look it up on US News before I brag but I think our liberal arts program is fantastic.”

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