Small Iowa Family Mistakes Furry Convention for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


By: Julia Tesmond

New York City, New York—This morning, families from all over the country travelled to New York City to celebrate Thanksgiving and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. One family, the Jacobsons from central Iowa, tried to make the trek earlier today. After checking into their Hilton Garden Inn, mother Linda Jacobson followed the people in animal costumes in an attempt to find the parade. Instead, the entire family ended up at the 33rd Annual Furry Appreciation Convention going on next door. The family didn’t realize they weren’t at the parade until the furries brought out the animal themed erotic art, and even then, the family thought maybe the parade was just going in a different direction this year. The middle son, Jebediah, had this to say about the mistake:

“Well yeah, I realized that we weren’t at the Thanksgiving Day Parade right away. I’m not a fucking idiot and I’m constantly on the internet. Why would the parade just been hundreds of middle-aged men dressed up like arctic foxes? I just decided not to tell the rest of my family because honestly, I got kind of into it after a while. I found out I’m an animorphic lionkin with the spirit of a fox. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.”

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