Donald Trump Confuses Islam’s Prohibition Of Pork With Beef


By: Rudy Mustang


In a speech to a small group of donors, today, Donald Trump confused Islam’s prohibition of pork, with a (non-existent) prohibition on beef.


“I get asked ‘do you have a problem- do I, have a problem, with muslims?’ And I say ‘no’, I mean not really- let me tell you- I’m running for president, so I’m worried about terrorism of course. And they say ‘oh but as a businessman you-‘ look, let me tell you, as a businessman I didn’t like them because they don’t eat cows right? I mean, I sell steaks; they don’t eat steaks, what’s the point right?”


While there is no video of the statement, the full transcript of the speech was released by The Yew Nork Times and subsequently condemned by CAIR and the ACLU. Trump’s relationship with American Muslims is slated to be a topic at the Vice Presidential debate, this Tuesday.

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