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Gibby From iCarly Speaks Out: “I was body-shamed”


By: Kira Fahmy

Years after the show’s discontinuation, iCarly’s Noah Munck revealed the dark truth behind his fun loving character.


“Every time I took my shirt off, Miranda Cosgrove would puke on set. As the crew scrambled to clean it up, they would make fun of me. I was body shamed”.


Orenthal Cornelius Hayes Gibson, or Gibby for short, was known on iCarly for his close friendship with the main characters and affinity for taking off his shirt. But between seasons 3 and 4, Gibby underwent extreme weight loss.
Ispeed-date-1 Gibby...


Was this a result of his off-screen torture? Investigators at the Yew Nork Times believe so.


“The short time period in which the weight was put off is definitely cause for concern”, Dr. Oz commented.
While Noah insists he put the weight off for personal reasons, the Dr. Oz has called for a public apology from the entire cast and crew of Nickelodeon’s beloved show.

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