Ryan Lochte Claims He Built Stonehenge


By: Gabriel Schmittlein

For years, modern civilization has
sought to find an answer to the illusive question, “who built Stonehenge, and
why?” Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who is currently involved in an Olympic
scandal where he reportedly lied about being robbed in Rio de Janeiro, appears
to have an answer to mankind’s epic question. In an interview today with NBC’s
Brian Williams, Lochte said “I built Stonehenge,” to which Williams replied,
“no Ryan, we built Stonehenge – and
what a great day it was!”

went on to explain why he built Stonehenge, saying, “I made it as a gift for my
mom. She’s the best.” There are some naysayers who are professing that
Stonehenge was created about 5,000 years ago and thus Lochte could never have
built it, but the Olympic Swimmer had this to say to them – “don’t you know,
I’m immortal.” Stay tuned for more information as this Lochte saga keeps

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