Malia Obama Caught Breathing in Public


By: Jersey Fonseca

Recently, Malia Obama was seen in a video lifting her skirt and shaking her butt at a music festival in Chicago. At that same festival, there was also a video of her smoking a marijuana. Well, it seems as though her reign of terror is not over. Sources have reported that Malia has been found breathing in public. When the video of Malia breathing went viral, Tomi Loren had some things to say about this.

“Never in my years have I seen someone so heinous,” Loren for some reason yelled. “I mean the PRESIDENT’S daughter. Trump’s children would never be caught doing anything of the sort. This is why all Democratic movements must be put to an end.”

This monstrosity cannot continue anymore, and if Barrack has any control over his kids, as he should, he should realize that they should not be allowed to do things that normal teenagers do.

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