Incoming College Freshman Surprised and Honored to Receive $2 From FAFSA


By: Julia Tesmond

Miami, FL–   Following four years of hard work and dedication,
Miami-native Nathan Rivera broke down into tears of joy upon receiving his
FAFSA financial aid. The $2 financial aid award Rivera received came in the
form of a big check, which was proudly displayed on the local news as the
biggest monetary award the US Department of Education has ever granted. After
facing criticism for its lack of support, this move has resulted in critical
acclaim for the Federal Student Aid Services, with Congress allocating an extra
3 million to their monthly budget. Though Rivera was rightfully overwhelmed at
the money, he stopped celebrating for a moment to give this statement:

“I just wasn’t expecting FAFSA to give me this kind of money
at ALL. My friend just got his financial aid package too, and all he got was a
25% off coupon to Applebee’s, so I felt blessed to hold those $2 in my hands.
With the cost of Columbia University rising to $65,860 this coming fall,
everyone can be rest assured that I’ll be able to afford it now! I may even be
able to donate some of it to charity.”

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