Frank Ocean More of an Adidas Fan


By: Julia Tesmond

Long Beach, CA— Five seasons of the Bachelor and four years later, Frank Ocean fans have been blessed with new content from the elusive artist. A livestream of Frank Ocean has been ongoing, with new music of his playing in the background while he built a spiral staircase, with many fans hoping he would build a mahogany table next. In addition to this livestream, Frank Ocean has gifted his followers with ‘Nike’, a visually enthralling video filled with nudity and heartbreak. However, it has come to the attention of superfans and fervid sneakerheads alike that Frank Ocean is, in fact, more of an Adidas fan. Dozens of photos show Ocean wearing different brands of sneakers including Adidas, with the singer even occasionally wearing Crocs in place of sneakers.

One sneakerhead had this to say:

“I guess brand loyalty doesn’t mean anything anymore, even to guys like Frank Ocean. I haven’t worn any shoe besides a sneaker since I declared myself a loyal ‘sneakhead’ in 2008. I didn’t even take them off when my doctor told me the debilitating Athlete’s Foot would only get worse. It’s just disresptful of Frank to wear Adidas when he proclaimed his love for Nikes. Even sandals would be better than this.”

Update: Frank Ocean has yet to comment on his footwear, but was seen leaving the house barefoot.

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