Colin Powell Vs. Hillary Clinton To Air Next Week On WWE Monday Night Raw


By: Jersey Fonseca

New York, New York – Hillary Clinton has been under a lot of pressure because of her email scandal, but what’s the truth?

She was on the stage at Madison Square Garden during a WWE event with other former secretaries, claiming that during a dinner at the Clinton residence, Powell pressured her into using her own personal email.

“That Powell has ruined my entire life, but the public needs to know,” Clinton yelled, while also snapchatting. “They need to know-“

Before she could finish her second sentence, Powell’s theme song blasted throughout the WWE stadium. A look of terror came over Clinton’s face as she watched Powell come out and approach the stage. Powell then got into the ring, RKO’d the secretaries and snatched the mic from Clinton’s very own hands.

“I have no recollection of such a thing,” Powell affirmed. “But if you want to settle this, I will see you RIGHT HERE ON MONDAY NIGHT.”

Fans will be waiting to see who will come out on top to be the next WWE Monday Night Raw champion.

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