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    Ted Cruz Likes Porn on Twitter to Distract from his Zodiac Killings

    Ted Cruz woke up to find his name trending again. He had liked pornography on twitter. Many think that he was unaware of the fact that other people can see your likes… But he knew exactly what he was doing. Many people are onto the fact that Ted Cruz is indeed the Zodiac Killer. In […]

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    Fish on Tinder Is Mistaken for Guy Holding Him

    New York, NY – Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps of our time. There are millions of users constantly looking for love, or sex, or some weird mix of the two. The user interface is very simple to use. You upload pictures of yourself along with a bio, and then decide […]



    Airline Delighted to use Hurricane Irma to Exploit Customers

    Phoenix, AZ – Hurricane Irma is one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the South East. It is a category 5 and can result in the deaths of many. Floridians were advised to evacuate the area as soon as possible. We spoke to some Airline CEOs to see what they are doing to help. […]

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    57% of Americans Secretly Hope that Hurricane Irma Gets Rid of Florida

    San Jose, CA – The result of Yew Nork Times’ official polls show that 57% of Americans want Florida to disappear. It comes as a shock that so many people would like to see the humid, mosquito infested, nasty, murky, and soul-sucking-weather’d state gone.   “I mean, I don’t want anyone to be hurt, I […]

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